Success Stories

Success Stories

Lifesaving Stories

Several people who had screening tests for colorectal cancer describe why they did it and what the experience was like for them. (Available in English and Spanish)

Advice from Patients & Survivors

Rene C.
Stage III Rectal Cancer

Rene’s Advice: “I would advocate any adults age 45 and over to get screened. Keep fighting, Never give up hope. Every day you’re alive is another day to fight this disease.”

Photo of Lisette smiling

Lisette C.
Stage II Colon Cancer

Lisette‘s Advice: “You are not fighting alone. We are in this together.”

Mimi P.
Stage IV Colon Cancer

Mimi’s Advice: “Save all the trouble of going through what I go through. Get screened at 45 or if you have any abdominal symptoms. Talk to your doctor. Ask questions. You can avoid the hassle! Never give up!”

Photo of Norberto smiling

Norberto R.
Stage IV Colon Cancer

Norberto‘s Advice: “Do not wait to schedule an appointment for a colonoscopy. Get one as soon as possible. Early screening saves lives. Attitude is everything, I tell myself I don’t have cancer: I was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t let this dictate my life. Fight the good fight and be positive about it. We can beat this, with a positive mind and attitude and at the same time by helping other warriors fighting the same fight.”

Interested in Getting Screened for Colon Cancer?

Choosing the right colon cancer screening test doesn’t need to be complicated. We’re here to help you understand your options and make an informed decision.

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Next Steps

Obtain a stool test and learn what to do after your screening, depending on your results.


Browse these state and national resources to help you identify lower cost or free options for colorectal cancer screening in Nebraska.