Decision Tree-Yes

Step 2

Which type of CRC screening are you interested in doing?

Test Type

At Home Stool Kit



Every year or every 1-3 years (depends on chosen test)

Every 10 years


  • Safe to do 

  • No need to change your diet or take any medicine prior to the test (except for gFOBT) 

  • Can do the test by yourself at home (but still need to send kit to provider for results) 

  • Not expensive

  • Saves lives! 

  • It can help find and remove pre-cancer lesions

  • It can also help find cancer and some other diseases  

  • It is the most accurate test for detecting colon cancer 

  • Saves lives! 


  • Can miss pre-cancer lesions and some cancers  

  • Not always accurate—sometimes the test may be positive even if you don’t have cancer 

  • If the test is positive, you will need to go to the hospital and do another test called a colonoscopy  

  • For gFOBT: Requires pre-test diet/medication changes

  • Requires hospital visit and few days of preparation with special diet and medications for cleansing the intestine (may miss a day of work)

  • Expensive

  • You will be given sedation for this test so that you are comfortable during the procedure (therefore, you will need someone to drive you home because you may feel a little dizzy)

  • Small risk of bleeding, bowel tears, or infection